Current Openings, How to Join, and Rehearsal Times


Bassoon 2

BBb Contrabass Clarinet

French Horn 4

Bass Trombone

String Bass



How to Join

Membership is open to adults 18 and older living in the greater Portland, Oregon area.  Prospective members will be asked to sit in and play in their respective section of the orchestra for several rehearsals prior to a decision being made on full membership.

If you are interested in any openings or have further questions, please Contact us.  Thanks!

Rehearsal Times

Rehearsals are held on Thursday afternoons at Gethsemane Lutheran Church, 11560 SE Market Street, Portland, Oregon (corner of SE 117th & Market).  All members arrive at 12:15 for full orchestra 12:30 to 3:30 p.m.  Sectional rehearsals (at Director’s request) are 12:30 to 1:15.  The full orchestra rehearsal follows from 1:30 to 3:30.  There is a coffee break midway through each rehearsal.  The rehearsal/concert season begins Thursday after Labor Day each year and ends in early June.  Many members also play in our sister organization, the Portland Metro Concert Band (PMCB).  Rehearsal and concert dates are carefully coordinated to allow participation in ECCO and PMCB.

Guidelines for Orchestra Members

  1. When you, as an orchestra member, have a concern or wish to bring a point befor the Board, contact any Board Member.
  2. When you, as an orchestra member, are going to miss a rehearsal, miss a performance, or have a need relating to the musical performance of the orchestra, contact the Music Director(s).

Responsibilities of Members

  1. Members shall strive to sound and look professional.
  2. Members are expected to work to improve their musical proficiency.
  3. Members are expected to attend rehearsals an performances.
  4. If sheet music is taken home, it must be returned for the next rehearsal or performance, whether or not the member is able to attend.
  5. Members are expected to appear in public performances in the uniform specified by the Musical Director(s)

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