Current Director Bio

Dr Roger Nickerson, PhD, EdD, Music Director

Dr. Roger Nickerson has returned from sabbatical, summer 2021.

Roger’s first musical training began with piano lessons in the third grade.  In the sixth grade, he became the Sunday School Assembly accompanist, continuing through his senior year in high school.  At age 16, he became the Chancel Choir Director, and continued until he left for college.  With the church service accompanist’s assistance, he continued as Sunday School accompanist and then directed the Senior Chancel Choir during worship services.

In junior high, he joined the school band program as a tuba player, and continued through high school, college, and advanced university programs.  He continued his love for choral music while in college by directing several church choirs in Ashland, Oregon.  On his retirement in 1998 from public education, he had taught for 32 years, and directed church choirs for over 36 years.

Through the years with the band, piano, and choral music, he became a skilled orchestra director.

His music education’s broad scope began at Southern Oregon College (Ashland, Oregon), Lewis and Clark College (Portland), and San Diego (California) State University.  While teaching 14 summer semesters in Reading, United Kingdom, and teaching at The Coombes Primary School, he earned his Ph.D. in Music Education and Administration from Reading University.

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