Free Concert Performances in the East Portland, Oregon Area

Who We Are

The East County Community Orchestra (ECCO) was founded in 1978, by its first conductor Harold Webber as a venue for high school graduates and other interested parties to have a place to play.  It operates as a non-profit organization, with a full board of directors in addition to the Music Director/Conductor. Concerts are offered free of charge to the community.  Operating funds come from donations in various forms, as well as occasional grants.

ECCO has continued as an adult music group whose members play for the enjoyment of the community and themselves.  There are currently over 65 very talented string, woodwind, brass and percussion players ranging in ages up to 90 years old.  The members are a mix of amateur and professional musicians from across the Portland Oregon Metro Area, including Vancouver, Washington.  All of their time and effort is on a volunteer basis.

The orchestra plays some four to six concerts per year for various organizations, and in addition, formal winter and spring concerts are performed at the David Douglas (High School) Performing Arts Center.

Dr Roger Nickerson is ECCO’s current Music Director and Conductor.  Dr Nickerson has 45 years of music education and administration.  He was preceeded as Conductor by several others including founder Harold Webber, Jerry Dickson (Band Director at Sandy High School 1992-1996), Carmen Saracco (Orchestra Director at David Douglas High School 1996-1999), Jack Mahoney (Instrumental Music Director at Centennial High School) and David Kinch (Music Teacher at Vancouver (Washington) Public Schools).

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