Music Directors Timeline

Last Updated on February 20, 2023 by Curt Cassingham

All of our conductors have brought with them a wealth of mixed musical experiences and contributed to growth of the ensemble.  A timeline follows:

1978-1991 – Founding Director, Harold Webber (Gresham High School)

1992-1996 – Jerry Dickson, (Sandy High School)

1997-1999 – Carman Saracco, (David Douglas High)

2000-2014 – Jack Mahoney (Centennial High School)

2015-2017 – Roger Nickerson (Oregon City High School, Retired)

2017-2020 – David Kinch (Vancouver Public Schools)

2020-2021 – ECCO closed by COVID-19 restrictions

2021 to present – Dr. Roger Nickerson

2021 to present – Assistant Music Director Curt Cassingham

2014 to present – Jack Mahoney, Director Emeritus